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      Souring of the Milk

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    3. Study Day 
    4. pH-value of milk. The first measurement. 
    5. pH-value of milk. The second measurement. 
    6. pH-value of milk. The third measurement. 
    7. pH-value of milk. Average value.  Our computer program will automatically find average value of three measurements you made. You can see the average pH-value calculated by computer when you are sending your results.
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    8. Micrographs of bacteria  Place here up to three photos of the microorganisms that you observed in milk using microscope. The resolution of the microphotographs depends on the quality of the microscope. Even if the resolution using a microscope is not high enough; don't be disappointed; what matters is that they came from the observations made by you. Be sure to caption each photograph: "This picture was taken by (your first and last name, or your GlobalLab Nickname.)"
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    9. Indicate what method was used to determine the value of pH. 
    10. Why did the milk in your experiment became sour?  How did the acidity of the milk change over the week? What could account for this change?