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      Language of advertising

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    3. In what language will your advertising slogan be presented?  Advertising text can be in both Russian and foreign languages (that is highly preferable, as one of our tasks is comparing the advertising texts in terms of using various means of expressiveness in them).
    4. Advertising slogan  Write a slogan that you will learn
    5. Select the means of expressiveness that are used in the advertising text presented by you.  Means of expressiveness are divided into phonographic, lexical and syntactic. Below is a list of means of expressiveness. Mark the ones that are present in your slogan.
    6. Can advertising text help us at a lesson?  Express your opinion on this question.
    7. How exactly is the advertising slogan useful in the lesson?  What can be practiced in the lessons of Russian and foreign languages with the help of your advertising slogan, acting as an authentic text? What grammatical, lexical and phonetic features can be distinguished in the example presented by you?
      This question is optional.
    8. Can advertising reflect the mentality of its people?  Give examples of national traits of character that are present in your advertising (if any).
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    9. Your attitude to advertising 
    10. Explain your attitude to advertising  Here you can explain your answer to question number 7
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