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      Lessons in the museum

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    3. Do you like visiting museums?  
    4. Which museum did you like most of all?  Please, write down the name of that museum and the place where it's located.
    5. What did you remember most, when you was in the museum?  Please, write what was interesting there, maybe a memorable exhibit or a story of the guide, or you had known something interesting, or something funny )
    6. Did you like the idea of holding lessons in the museum? 
    7. Did you have lessons in the museum? 
    8. What is your favorite subject? 
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    9. Which lesson in museum would you like to visit?  Describe the lesson, which will be interesting for you. In which museum it will be held and who will be your teacher? What will be the subject and the topic of the lesson? Which exhibits would you like to study?
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    10. If you was at the lesson in museum, please, write about what you had remembered most of all. 
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    12. Additionally  If there is something, we hadn't asked about, write here
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