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    2. Where do you live? 
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    3. The name of the country and place you live in. 
    4. The name of the event (festival / games / folk competition) that you want to tell about. 
    5. When did this event happen for the first time? 
    6. How many days does this event last?   Some games start and finish on the same day, others may last a week.
    7. Can both men and women take part in the competitions? 
    8. Is any special equipment used to participate in the competitions?  a bow, a spear, a stone, a hammer, ...
    9. Do animals participate in the competitions? If so, what animals? For what purpose? 
    10. Is there music, songs, dances at this event? 
    11. Does the competition have a religious aspect? 
    12. Describe the competitions that take place during the event. 
    13. Post 3-4 photos from this event or send links to the photos in question 13 
    14. Post a video, if possible, describing the event. 
      Upload your video to http://youtube.com or http://vimeo.com and then enter the video url or embed code (check video's sharing options).