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      Mother Goose Stories

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    4. Have you read any poems from the collection “Mother Goose Rhymes " in English? 
    5. Write the English title of a poem from “Mother Goose Rhymes” that you like the most. 
    6. Who or what is this rhyme about? Convey its content briefly, in a few words. 
    7. Type/genre of the poem 
    8. Why is this verse important to children? 
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    9. Practice reading aloud in English the passage you have chosen. Make an audio recording of your reading and upload it to the project. 
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    10. Is there a similar children’s poem in your native language (Russian, Spanish, Armenian or other)? Write its name or the first words in your mother tongue. 
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    11. Illustrate the plot of the selected verse, make your own drawings or find pictures on the Internet. Take a picture of the illustrations and download them to the project. 
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