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      Music. Musical instruments

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    2. Mark the place where you live.  Mark there your native city/country where you live.
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    3. How old are you? 
    4. Add there photos of national musical instruments from your native country.  Let us know about music culture of your country.
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    5. Add a photo of musical instrument you like the most.  One instrument which you prefer to others.
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    6. Are you right-hand, or left-hand? Is there any musician who also use right-hand or left-hand since he has started to study and practice music?  Write which hand do you often use. Tell us a bit the same about musicians in your family.
    7. If there is anyone who's a musician in your generation? If there is some, did genes influence on your preferences in life?  Tell us if there's anyone in your family who has got genes from ancestor which was a professional musician.
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    8. Choose kinds of instruments you know: 
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    9. Explain the main difference between acoustic and electric musical instruments.  What's a difference of one kind of instruments from others?
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    10. Do you have a sense of rhytm? Do you study playing musical instruments?  Type here "yes, or no". If "yes", please, tell us a bit about results.
    11. National instruments are often used in one of the directions of music art: select one correct option on your opinion.  Select one correct option on your opinion.
    12. Write a short text about importance of music and musical instruments in your life. 
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