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      New Wonders of the World

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    2. What country will we travel to?  On the map, you need to show the country where you will take us as tourists.
      Drag the marker to indicate the location. Remember, you can zoom into the map for a more precise location.
      Location: ,
    3. Why have you chosen the country?  Explain, why you decided to write about particularly this or that country (write at least 25 words and give three arguments in support of your choice)
    4. What is the capital of the country?   Write about the capital (at least 35 words, don't forget about its age, main sights and other interesting things).
    5. Have you got any photos of the country and its capital?  Provide at least three photos of the country. Be sure that they are really wonderful.
      Please upload from 1 to 3 pictures
    6. Do you know anything about the flag of the country? What national languages are there in the country? What nationalities live there?  Write not less than 50 words.
    7. Are there interesting traditions in the country?  Choose the most interesting tradition or custom and write about it (write at least 50 words).
    8. Try to download the video showing this or that tradition (custom).  The video must be no longer than 10 minutes. Use youtube.com web site.
      Upload your video to http://youtube.com or http://vimeo.com and then enter the video url or embed code (check video's sharing options).
    9. What interesting sights can people find in the city?  Name three sights and describe them (at least 50 words).
    10. Provide photos of the sights you have described.  Download three photos
      Please upload from 1 to 3 pictures
    11. Choose one sight and prove that it is a new wonder of the world and that we must go and see it.  Choose one sight out of those three that you described and give at least 5 arguments why it can be named as a new wonder of the world and provide three arguments why we must see it)
    12. Give photos of your new wonder of the world.  Provide 5 photos.
      Please upload from 1 to 5 pictures