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      The Water You Drink

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    2. Specify the location where you measured the pH of tap water. 
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    3. Date of the experiment. 
    4. water pH. The first measurement. 
    5. water pH. The second measurement. 
    6. water pH. The third measurement. 
    7. water pH. Average value.  You can see your water pH when you submit your Report Form or in the “Findings” tab (in your Report Form).
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    8. What method did you use to determine the value of pH? 
    9. Natural phenomena preceding measurement pH.  Indicate which natural phenomena have occurred since the previous measurements of acidity of the water.
    10. Does the acidity of your tap water always meet health standards?  List any natural phenomena occurring recently in your area, such as heavy rainfall, a volcanic eruption or forest fire, which might affect the acidity of the tap water. Why, in your opinion, might such a particular natural phenomena affect a tap water's pH?