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      Russian matryoshka doll

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    3. Is there matryoshka in your family? 
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    4. The photo of matryoshka  Upload a photograph of your doll or image of it
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    5. Try to determine what kind of your matryoshka's painting  If you do not know what is your doll, use materials from the "Information" or additional sources.
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    6. The number of nested figures in matryoshka  This question is for those who have a doll, but not its image. If you do not save all of matryoshka dolls, specify how many there were at first.
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    7. "Matryoshka's stories"  Describe when and how you got the doll. Becides, you can see Matryoshka at the exhibitions or museums. Do you know about them (where they are, their names, etc.)?
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    8. What kind of matryoshka do you represent in the project?  Tell your main stages of the creative process. Give the name of your matryoshka. Describe the idea that you want to express.
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    9. The result of your creative work  Submit the main stages of the creative process in the pictures (from sketch to finished creative work). You can take pictures of the main stages or scan pattern as its fulfillment (at least 2 images - a sketch and finished work). The more images you add, the more obvious will be the course of your work.
      Please upload from 1 to 4 pictures
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