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      School In My Life

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    2. Stage 1 . Research
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    3. Where do you live? 
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    4. Are you happy at school? 
    5. What subject is the easiest for you? 
    6. What subject is the most difficult for you? 
    7. Choose 3 activities you like doing at the lessons 
      • Select all that apply.
    8. How long does it take you to do your homework? 
    9. Describe your best teacher. Use 3–5 adjectives 
    10. Finish the expression "School is...." 
    11. Find an idiom related to school, write it down and give its Russian translation 
    12. Illustrate your idiom 
    13. Make a diagram or a scheme about the education system in Russia. Draw, take a photo of it and upload your pictute  You can find an example in the Student's Book "Spotlight", on page 31 or create your own diagram.
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    14. Stage 2 . Conclusion
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    15. What skills and knowledge of English do you need to speak about school? 
    16. Is it easy to present information in the form or a diagram?