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      Sea, Oh, Sea!

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    2. Stage 1 .
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    3. Move the marker on the map to the location where the work of fiction was created (to the best of your knowledge). 
      Drag the marker to indicate the location. Remember, you can zoom into the map for a more precise location.
      Location: ,
    4. Description of the sea  Either type in or paste a description of a sea (or an ocean) from a work of fiction. In parentheses, identify the author(s), the title of the book, the year it was published, and the publisher.
    5. Author's lifetime  Select when the chosen text was created. To find this information, you can check an encyclopedia, the book’s preface or epilogue, or search the Internet. Pick the appropriate answer from the list below:
    6. The sea – a friend or a foe?  How dangerous is the sea to the characters in your book? Choose the most appropriate answer based on the six-point scale provided below. The negative values represent dangerous conditions, whereas positive values refer to conditions favorable to the fictional characters.
    7. Overall significance of the sea description  Why and how is the description of the sea important to the book’s plot development? Pick the best answer from the list below. Answering this question will help us to understand the significance of seas in world literature:
    8. What ocean does the sea belong to?  Refer to the Oceans Map in the Protocol, or use an encyclopedia or the Internet to determine the location of the sea and the ocean to which it belongs. Important: the purpose of this question is only to place a sea in a corresponding ocean. If the sea is not identified in the chosen work of fiction and only the ocean is mentioned, skip this question and proceed to Question 7.
      This question is optional.
    9. What sea is that?  If the sea is not identified in the chosen work of fiction and only the ocean is mentioned, select the ocean (at the bottom of the list). If both the sea and its corresponding ocean are mentioned, please select the sea only from the list below. If you can’t identify the sea or ocean, select the last option in the list. If this is a fictional sea (ocean), skip this question.
      This question is optional.
    10. Your artwork  Upload a picture of a sea that best illustrates your findings in this Report Form. It can be a drawing, a photo, or a collage made by you. Please do not use other people's drawings or Internet images.
      This question is optional.
    11. Essay  Think about how important the sea is for the story you have chosen. Write a short essay that reflects your thoughts and ideas on this topic.
      This question is optional.
    12. Stage 2 . Заключение
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    13. Перечислите эпитеты, которыми автор наделяет описываемое им море/океан. 
    14. Опишите внутренние ощущения, которые вызвало в вас данное описание моря.