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      Stories That Streets Tell

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    2. Stage 1 .
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    3. Type in the location 
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    4. Street name  Enter the name of the street you are investigating.
    5. When did the street receive its name?  Select one of the time periods below. Often, streets, particularly in older cities, have had their names changed. If this happened, find out the exact date of renaming as well as what the street had previously been called. Use a separate Report Form for each name the street has had.
    6. Your sources of information   Specify your source(s) of information. Make sure to denote the index items for every publication used. These include year, month, author, and the publisher. For periodicals, give the publication name (title), the publication date (year, month, day), the page number, and the author’s first and last name. For information found on the Internet, indicate the URL and the date the website was last updated. Usually, this information is at the bottom of the webpage.
    7. Type of street name  What does the name of your street mean? Select the type of street name from the list below.
    8. Name-type explanation  Why did you select the type of street name that you did? Why do you think the street acquired its name?
    9. Street photograph(s)  Upload the combined image of the old and the new photos of your street. If you do not have a combined image, choose one and upload it. If you cannot locate an old photo of your street, upload your new photo. Note: do not forget to specify the copyright of the old photo. See the Investigation Protocol for more details.
      Please upload from 1 to 5 pictures
    10. Street sign   Upload a photograph of your street’s sign
      This question is optional.
    11. Former and present street name(s)  List the various names of your street in chronological order. If the street has never been renamed, enter its current name. If the street has been renamed, fill the different names in and separate them by a comma starting with the oldest name available.
    12. Stage 2 . Заключение
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    13. Какое название выбранной вами улицы нравится больше, историческое или современное? Почему.