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    2. Your research project  Think and write the title of your research project that you would like to implement using a time machine. Best of all, if the title is framed as a research question.
    3. The past, the present, or the future?  Select one of the places you would like to travel using a time machine
    4. Where would you go?  Please select an answer which best describes the final destination of your imaginative journey using a time machine
    5. Map your jornye  If you travel on Earth, please mark your final destination on the map. It can be a point or an area.
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    6. Text of your presentation  Upload it here. Before writing your presentation, please familiarize yourself with the document called "Outline of your speech".
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    8. Text of your presentation in English  Please upload here English translation of your presentation. It may help those who are not familiar with your native language but know English.
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    10. Location 
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