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    2. Stage 1 .
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    3. Location the doll represents 
      Drag the marker to indicate the location. Remember, you can zoom into the map for a more precise location.
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    4. Doll photo  Take a picture of the ethnic doll you are going to describe. Do not forget to add captions to your photo.
    5. Mass-produced or handcrafted 
    6. Natural material   In the manufacture of the doll was natural material used? If yes, please specify which type.
    7. Traditional apparel  Are elements of local ethnic tradition and/or costume evident in the doll’s looks or clothing?
    8. Specifics of local religion  Did traditional religious beliefs or rituals influence the doll-crafting?
    9. Historic events  Are there any historical events reflected in the manufacturing of your doll?
    10. Ethnic features  Does your ethnic doll possess any facial features found in people native to the region the doll represents?
    11. Traditional economic activity  Does the making of your doll reflect any particular type of economic activity present in the region the doll represents?
    12. Local climate factors  Was the production of your doll influenced by any particular local climate factors?
    13. Traditional arts and crafts  Does the region, which the doll represents, have any form of traditional arts and crafts related to doll-making, possibly passed from generation to generation?
    14. Stage 2 . Заключение
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    15. Какими источниками информации вы воспользовались при работе над проектом? 
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    16. Какие особенности вашей местности, отразились на облике куклы? 
    17. Работая над проектом, какие музеи и выставки вы посещали?