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      "There can be miracles when you believe..."

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    3. What does it look like?  The largest image of the object
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    4. A description of the object  Describe this object, its magic characteristic, widespread popularity
    5. Wishes come true  This magical place can realize all of desires or it acts more specifically
    6. If you want that yor wish fulfill quickly  What we must to do?
    7. Do you know about its age?  Approximate or exact date
    8. How it get the magical properties 
    9. Has your wish came true? 
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    10. Some magical objects and rituals are not connected with places, but they are very famous and popular. If you know about them, please tell us.  May be you need ordinary things for a magic ritual. But they will get a wonderful property in particular situation! May be you need a magic phrase!
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    11. Do you know about magical places or rituals which brings happiness and luck from the literature? Tell us about them.  Attention, please! The books will not be a fairy tales and fiction. But they have to tell about writers' childhood or boys and girls from this and past centuries.
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    12. Your wishes to the participants of the project  Don't wait a miracle. Create it yourself!
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