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      Toxic waste: batteries

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    2. Point your location 
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    3. Your place of residence 
    4. What do you usually do with the used batteries? 
    5. Using batteries at home  What devices in your house require a battery?
    6. Number of batteries in the house  Count the total number of batteries (of different sizes) in your house.
    7. The number of used batteries in the family for a year  Talk to parents and try to figure out how often you have to change each battery. Count more or less the total number of batteries that your family uses in a year.
      This question is optional.
    8. Where do people leave used batteries in your required location?  Try to figure out the answer by talking to parents, teachers, neighbours and friends. You can ask this question to employees of sanitation centre. If you have not received an answer to the question, you should write "unknown."
    9. Source of information  How did you learn about recycling of batteries?
      This question is optional.
    10. Battery collection point  Take a photo of the battery collection point in your place of residence.
      This question is optional.
    11. Your opinion  What is your personal attitude to this issue?
    12. Information for the public  Make an information poster about recycling of waste batteries in your required location. Tell everyone about special utilization of the exhausted batteries. The poster can be as a leaflet or a page on the school's website. Take a picture of your poster and post it as the answer to this question. In the explanation specify where you placed your poster.
      Please upload from 1 to 3 pictures
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