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      Who discovered America

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    2. Your location 
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    3. Write the name of the traveller who in your opinion could discover America. 
    4. Which country sponsored the expedition? 
    5. Download the portrait of the traveller. 
    6. When was the expedition undertaken? 
    7. What were the goals of the expedition?  
    8. Plot the routes of the selected expedition on a contour map. Put the dates and names of the geographical objects on it. Take a photo of it and download the image here. 
    9. What were the results of the expedition? 
      • Select all that apply.
    10. Create a collage of the event you are describing. Take a photo of it and download the image here or find relevant illustrations and post them in the project.  Your collage may illustrate the most significant moments of the described expedition (the photo of the explorer, his ships, maps, pictures of the territories, etc.)
    11. Write a petition letter to Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain with a request to grant you a patent for the right of discovery. 
    12. Calculate the cost of a Dutch ship in English currency in the late 1700s. 
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