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    2. Stage 1 . Do students in your place of living usually have a part-time job?
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    3. Where are you from? 
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    4. Have you ever done any part-time work? 
    5. When did you do it? 
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    6. What part-time jobs for teenagers are available in your hometown?  Choose the options you are sure of.
    7. Do you think teenagers in your hometown have enough part-time work opportunities 
    8. Can doing a part-time job distract from studying at school? 
    9. What type of part-time work would you like to do as a school student? 
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    10. Do you know how to apply for a job? 
    11. What are the advantages of schoolchildren's work from an early age? 
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    12. What are the disadvantages of schoolchilden's work from an early age? 
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    13. What other activity not mentioned in the report form, would you recommend to a teenager to earn money? 
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    14. How old are you? 
    15. Stage 2 .
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    16. What would you spend money you earn on?