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      Operation Pet Names

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    3. Your Pet  What pet do you have? If you have several pets, choose one for this study. Choose the kind of pet you have from the list below:
    4. Photograph of Your Pet   Photograph your pet. Try to take a photo that reflects your pet’s name and character. Upload the image to your Report Form. Use your pet’s name as the title for the photo.
    5. Name of Your Pet  What is your pet’s name?
    6. Meaning of Your Pet’s Name  What is the meaning of your pet’s name? Is it a human name? Is it the name of your favorite book character, a movie star, a comic book hero, etc.? Does it reflect a characteristic of your pet or perhaps your location?
    7. Reasons for Choosing The Name  Why did you choose this particular name for your house pet? Pick one response that applies: