1. Explore STEM Careers



    Data Collection and Analysis

    Review the Report Form questions to prepare students to collect the relevant data. You can print the form for field use.

    Students collect data, then use the Report Form to submit their findings and results. Then, review the Findings data so that students can compare their observations with those from other students around the globe.

    Note: you can review the Findings any time as more data is collected from other classrooms.

    Extend Learning

    Extend the experience after examining your findings and global results.

    • Have students select a career that interests them which was shared by a different user and research the career more in depth. Hold a “Career Day” where each student dresses the part for their selected career and students from other classes or grades come and learn about STEM careers.
    • Investigate and highlight careers within the Discovery Education media library. For example, use the Streaming Plus Video: Engineering: Transforming Lives with Prosthetics to explore the fields of prosthetics and orthotics and have students build their own prosthetic limb with 3D printers. Alternatively, use a lesson from LIMBS International and have students to construct their own prosthetic limb.
    • Use the Discovery Education STEM Career Content Collection to investigate careers, share interviews with STEM experts in the field, and highlight careers tied to content at authentic moments in your instruction.
    • Share your project with the hashtag #CelebratewithDE.