1. A Tour of Your Last Summer



    Creating an anthology of illustrated summer stories.

    Research question

    A good tour guide can bring to life any nook on Earth.


    A photo camera (the camera in a smartphone, tablet, or laptop will do).

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    Content from different users allows us to create a whole corpus of summertime excursions. Sharing impressions with community members will prompt ideas for having fun in the summer in a variety of locations.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Select the place you visited in summer that will be the subject of your story. You may choose anything—a natural site (a lake, a seashore, a mountain ridge, a forest, etc.), a populated locality, or a place of interest (a museum, a town square, a castle, a landmark, a park, etc.). Remember that you should present at least three photos illustrating your site.

    2. Select the photos for uploading. Think about photo titles and captions.
    NOTE: You can upload images in png, jpg, and gif formats up to 10 MB each.

    3. Prepare a short story about the site. The story should accord with your photos you have chosen to publish on the website. Try to make your verbal tour intriguing to attract the interest of the other project members. Turn your site into a real place for us. Capture what interested, engaged, or enthralled you. What did you see, hear, or smell? What was so memorable about the site?
    The content limit is 3000 characters with spaces.

    4. Fill in and submit the Report Form.

    Safety tips

    If you want to return to the subject place to take new photos, make sure it is permitted (in regards to museums, art galleries, temples, and other places of public interest). Respect copyright law. Do not publish the content of other users.

    • Project was published on:September 6, 2013
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol