1. Are exams a test or a celebration of knowledge?



    Comparison of the features of Russian BSE and British GCSE exams, defining the most popular optional subjects chosen by schoolchildren of the two countries for exams, and the main motives for their preferences.

    Research question

    We put forward several hypotheses of our study:

    • The systems of Russian BSE and British GCSE exams can be considered similar in terms of the age of participants, exam format, procedure and evaluating of the results, but at the same time they differ greatly in terms of the number of optional subjects, level of complexity and the significance of the results for students' further education .
    • The main motive of a Russian schoolchild while choosing an optional subject for the exam is its being interesting and easy, whereas British students choose subjects for the GCSE exams, taking into account, first of all, its importance for their future education.


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    Why use data from multiple participants?

    GlobalLab unites participants from Russia and foreign countries, various social groups and age categories. The more project participants express their opinion and share their knowledge on the research topic, the more interesting and valuable it will be.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Find out actual information about Russian and British final secondary school exams BSE and GCSE (age of participants, time, form and place of exams, number of compulsory and optional exams etc.)
    2. Remember how you passed the exams or imagine that you have to pass BSE or GCSE.
    3. Determine which subject is the most suitable for you to take at the final exams and why.
    4. Read the application form and fill it out.

    Safety tips

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    • Project was published on:December 11, 2019
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