1. Our Environment



    • To help us understand who we are by determining what kinds of climates GlobalLab participants live in.
    • To help us understand who we are by determining what kinds of biomes GlobalLab participants live in.
    • To share your climate and biome with GlobalLab participants and to discover theirs.


    No special equipment

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    When more participants submit data about their climates and biomes, the better we can understand who we are as the GlobalLab community.

    Investigation Protocol

    Note for teachers: if you work with a group of students, please check the If You Work As a Group file.

    1. Read Introduction to Biomes.
    2. Review the different climate types. Decide which climate best describes yours.
    3. Review the different types of land biomes and select the one that best describes yours.
    4. Fill in and submit a Report Form.
    5. Read But There Are No Numbers?! to learn more about qualitative and quantitative data.
    6. Analyze the data.
      Go to the Findings page, visualize the GlobalLab community data on climates and biomes, and try to find answers to questions from the Working with Data file.
    • Project was published on:June 29, 2014
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol