1. Our Pets



    To learn what kinds of pets we have

    To see if the kinds of pets we have is influenced by our geographical locations

    To explore why we keep pets

    Research question

    What determines the kinds of pets we keep?


    A digital camera or a smartphone or tablet with a camera

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    We can learn if the kinds of pets we have vary by geographical locations and why we keep these pets only if participants distributed throughout the GlobalLab community submit data.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Read About Our Pets.
    2. Prepare a photo of your pet to upload to your Report Form. We, as well as other community members, would love to see what your pet looks like!
    3. Write a short story about your pet.
      - What do you want to share with us about your pet?
      - Tell us about your relationship with it.
      - How did you get it? How did you choose its name?
    4. Fill in and submit your Report Form.
    5. Go to the Findings page and explore the data. Use the Working with Data file to play with data.
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol