1. Chestnuts in Blossom



    To examine the term of Aesculus flowering in different regions. To draw isophenes of Aesculus flowering in different regions. An isophene is a line on a map connecting spots where a specific penomenon (e.g., the flowering of horse chestnuts) occurs at one time.

    Research question

    Flowering periods depend on general climatic conditions.


    A photo camera

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    An ispohene can only be built with extensive data from project participants in different regions.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Select a horse chestnut tree that you can visit every day.
    2. Examine the tree on the first day of the study. Are buds already visible?
    3. Take a picture of the tree on the first day of the study with the buds (or blooms) clearly visible. It's preferable to start the study before the mass flowering but you can join in at any stage.
    4. Each day examine and photograph the selected tree.
    5. Each day fill in the study form. Don't skip anything.
    6. During the study discuss the tree's development with fellow participants, follow the discussions and the project blog, and take part in the conversation threads.

    Safety tips

    Dear colleagues and project participants! To make our projects safe for the nature and ourselves, let us stick to several simple rules:

    • no ripping off branches, leaves and flowers;
    • choosing the trees close to footpaths in order to keep off the grass;
    • no tree climbing.
    • Recommended timeframe:Spring
    • Required time:About one month
    • Project was published on:May 9, 2013
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol