1. Earth Days



    To draw attention to the problems facing our environment and to combine efforts for saving our planet.


    The vital elements necessary for participating in this action are:

    1. Initiative
    2. Action
    3. Responsibility

      Everything else is up to you to choose!

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    The actions of GlobalLab participants can draw the attention of the general public towards awareness of environmental problems, possible solutions for the healing and protection of our earth, and can encourage personal action that contributes to saving a healthy planet and sharing it with future generations.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Explore the environmental problems of your region. Make your own observations, search the Internet, look in regional publications, inquire of your parents and teachers, send a note or an email to groups and organizations active in your region asking for information.
    2. Choose an avenue best suited for drawing the attention of the general public towards local environmental problems.
    3. Organize and participate in environmental action: create and distribute leaflets, speak at conferences, organize volunteer clean-ups, clean the banks of rivers and streams, feed birds, plant vegetation that helps butterflies, and so on. Do not forget to take photos so you can share it later with other GlobalLab participants.
    4. Discuss the results of your actions in the project’s blog. Tell others whether your actions were important and popular. Did it take a lot of preparation? What were the comments about your activity? Did you collect a lot of garbage? Was it expensive?
    5. Consider what kinds of actions could be planned and held regularly, even becoming a neighborhood or community tradition

    Safety tips

    1. As always, be aware of safety guidelines when outdoors.
    2. Know and follow safety precautions and city rules when organizing and participating in public actions.
    3. For any materials you publish and use be sure to follow this guideline: Any photos, collages, and posters, etc. you attach to your Report Form must be original and made by you.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol