1. «False friends»



    To learn more about ‘False friends of a translator’, to prevent the mistakes, arising due to similarities to existing words and word combinations in English language

    Research question

    Research knowledge of ‘False friends of a translator’ will help to escape the difficulties with the translation from any foreign language to English, also detailed study will help us to learn the language better, to enrich our vocabulary (active and passive) and not to make fool of us translating foreign texts


    Foreign language dictionaries; additional literature sources, connected to foreign words’ translation

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    • To get wider image of ‘False friends of a translator’
    • The more examples we will cover, the less mistakes the pupils will make while having conversations with other countries’ friends, reaching the highest level of understanding
    • Probably this research will help the students to prepare to take or pass State Exams and for older generations to defend a graduation the

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Choose a foreign word
    2. Write down its translation
    3. Give an example of made mistake which you found
    4. Suggest an adequate translation of a mistake sentence
    5. Give examples of ‘False friends of a translator’ correct usage in sentences


    German word ALSO means ‘therefore / so that’ , that’s why when you read the sentence ‘Ich danke, also bin ich’, you shouldn’t translate it ‘I think, also I exist or I am’ - an adequate translation is ‘I think so that I exist / I am me’

    Safety tips

    No need

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol