1. Gadgets in Our Lives



    1. To collect information about gadgets and media we use to be prepared to talk, write personal letters and essays on the topic.
    2. To learn about the negative influence of gadgets on people's health.


    • a Student's book
    • a gadget with the Internet

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    Together we will collect more information, which will help us write and give a talk on the topic.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Learn about different types of media and gadgets.
    2. Imagine a day in your life without gadgets. How will your day be different from a normal one? Describe what your afternoon, evening will be like; what resorces you will use to do your homework; how you will communicate with friends.
    3. Analyze your work on the project. Write your answers and recommendations.
    4. Fill in the report form.

    Safety tips

    The project is safe.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol