1. This Is Me



    • To introduce ourselves to the GlobalLab community
    • To learn about our GlobalLab peers
    • To create a photo gallery of participants

    Research question

    What do we have in common?
    What makes us unique?


    A digital camera or a smartphone or tablet with a camera

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    By describing ourselves, we’ll have a more complete picture of who we are as a community.

    Investigation Protocol

    Note for teachers: unlike projects Hello 1-4, this project is designed for students to complete individually.

    1. Prepare a photo that best represents your interests and personality. 
      Note: If you choose to upload your portrait photo, consult with your teacher or parents first.
    2. Write a one-page essay describing yourself. 
      What do you want others to know about you? 
      What do you want to be doing in ten years? 
      Remember, you’re writing for other students, not for teachers.
    3. Fill in and submit your Report Form.
    4. Read Working with Data then go to the Findings page and analyze the findings from the entire GlobalLab community.
    • Project was published on:June 29, 2014
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol