1. Our Music



    • To survey GlobalLab participants for their musical tastes
    • To determine how many musicians are in our community
    • To find out if we prefer music that’s local or international

    Research question

    Is music universal? 

    What are GL participants' musical preferences?

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    The more people who participate in our musical survey, the more comprehensive and meaningful our findings will be.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. What type, or genre, of music do we prefer?
      It is almost impossible to list every genre and sub-genre of music, so we grouped them into a few broad categories.
      If the kind of music you like is not on the list, check “other” and enter the kind of music you prefer.
    2. We may have our favorite kinds of music, but do we listen to other types as well? If so, what are our second favorite genres?
    3. How important is music to us?
      One indication might be the amount of time we spend each day listening to music. Estimate how much time, on average, you spend listening to music daily, whether on the radio, through headphones, at live performances, etc.
    4. How many of us play musical instruments?
      It’s all but impossible to list every kind of instrument, and classifications of musical instruments can vary.
      For example, the piano is classified as a percussion instrument in some places.
      For this project Report Form, we’re providing four very broad categories: string instruments (guitar, violin, viola, etc.), wind instruments (trumpet, flute, saxophone, tuba, etc.), keyboard instruments (piano, organ, harpsichords, etc.), and percussion (any kind of drum, congas, bongos, etc.).
    5. Who is your favorite musician or band? 
      Picking a favorite might be difficult, but choose one that best represents your tastes.
    6. Classical music is popular in most major cultures.
      Do you have a favorite classical composer?
      If so, tell us his or her name.
      If you don’t have a favorite, tell us that as well.
    7. Fill in and submit your Report Form.
    8. Go to the Findings page and play with the data (refer to the Working with Data file).
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol