1. How Noisy is Our World?



    To generate a Noise Map of the world and use it to identify the sources of the loudest noises in our environments.

    Research question

    Two major sources of noise pollution are mechanical devices and industrial machinery.


    1. Photo camera (the camera in a smartphone, tablet, or laptop will do.)
    2. A sound probe

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    The creation of a noise pollution map requires numerous participants collecting a multitude of data to yield sufficiently representative results.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Go to a place where you go daily (or quite often) and measure the noise level in decibels using either the noise app in your digital device or a sound probe.
    2. Take a photo of the noise source nearest to where you conducted your measurement.
    3. Identify the type of the noise source.
    4. Input your noise sensor measurement results in your Report Form:
      • to use Fourier or Globisens sensors, begin by connecting them to your computing device according to the protocol. Then your data will be transferred to the GlobalLab website automatically;
      • if you use sensors made by other manufacturers, you will have to enter the data by hand.
    5. View the results obtained by other project participants. Take part in discussions pertaining to the present investigation on the GlobalLab forum.

    Safety tips

    Do not go near the sources of the loud noise because it may negatively affect your hearing.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol