1. The Art of request

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    Investigate the art of request; compile statistics of the most successful and commonly used means of making requests today.

    Research question

    Does the language form of an oral request affect its execution?


    Notepad, pen or pencil.

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    Broad participation of the GlobalLab community in this project would allow a large-scale study of the “request” speech genre as it is used in everyday communication.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Observe your family and friends during a 10-day period. Remember or write down requests they make of you or each other in everyday situations (bring a cup of tea, make a sandwich, close a window, etc.)
      Remember that a request can be made in a variety of forms; it can be worded as a question or as a statement. For example, “Will you pour me a cup of tea?” or “I am hungry”!
    2. Choose one of the requests you hear and answer the questions in the Report Form. Choose a request based on its popularity and familiarity. Note whether the request was a typical one or one unusual for this person.
    3. Take part in discussing the project, keep an ear tuned to the speech around you, and help in creating a collective portrait of the request as a genre of modern speech.

    Safety tips

    None required

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol