1. Animal Sounds



    The goal of this project is to compile a collection of animal sounds from all over the world.

    Research question

    What sounds are attributed to animals in your language?

    Why are those sounds attributed to these animals?



    Why use data from multiple participants?

    We can compile a collection of data from around the world and see how it differs based on the area.

    Investigation Protocol

    1: The animals we shall be using are: Cat, Dog, Cow, Pig, Frog, Duck, Rooster, Horse.

    2: Write down the sounds the animals make ( such as " quack quack")

    3:In different languages, people use different alphabets. So that we can compare results, please write the sounds only in Latin letters.

    4: If you speak more than one language you can submit to this investigation more than 1 report Form. Remember 1 Form per 1 language.

    5: Make sure to adjust location on the map according to the language region.

    Safety tips


    • Project was published on:February 12, 2014
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol