1. Books and their characters



    Reveal common types of characters in the world of literature and systematically describe them in relation to both the books’ authors and readers.

    Research question

    Does a reader always share writer’s attitude toward the protagonist?


    None required.

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    The data we obtain from numerous Report Forms will help us to make a mosaic of literary characters that interest GlobalLab participants from different cities and countries.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Choose a book for analysis. Remember that this book (be it a short story or a lengthy novel) should contain characters and events. An essay that contains only descriptions of nature or philosophical reasoning will not be right for this project.
    2. Carefully re-read the book and determine who the main character is. If there are several protagonists, select one of them for your analysis.
      Note! In this study, we are only interested in characters that are human or humanoid intelligent beings (Martians, intelligent animals, mystical creatures, etc.). 
    3. Fill in the Report Form. You should fill in one Report for one character. If you want to analyze several characters, then you have to fill in and submit several Reports
    4. Participate in the discussion of the project, follow the blog, and share your ideas about your favorite book character.

    Safety tips

    None required

    • Project was published on:April 2, 2014
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol