1. Remembering the Animals



    1. To create a world map depicting the locations of statues of animals.
    2. To compile and categorize motives and causes behind such animal statues.

    Research question

    People erect statues of animals to show gratitude


    A camera or a mobile device with photographic capabilities, Internet, computer

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    By aggregating data from many countries and from numerous participants we will compile a more complete file of information and build a richer picture of ways in which humans memorialize animals through art.

    Investigation Protocol

        1. Find a statue of an animal(s). It can be a statue in your own hometown or one you have seen while travelling. You can also find information on the Internet.

          NOTE: Choose your Internet resources carefully, however, as information found on the Internet may contain mistakes or be misleading. For information found on the Internet, record the website URL. Also, record the date the website was last updated (this information is typically found on the bottom of the webpage).

        2. Take a picture of the statue or download one from the Internet.

        3. Discover the story behind the statue, paying special attention to the following information needed later for the Report Form:
          - when the statue was built
          -why was the statue built

        4. Think of an animal that, in your opinion, should have a statue. Write a few sentences about the animal, what the statue might look like, and a possible location for this statue.

        5. Complete and submit the Report Form. You can submit more than one Form if you want to tell about more than one statue.     Important: do not forget to adjust the location in Question 1 of the Report Form from your location to the location of the statue.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol