1. When and how would you like to learn foreign language



    1. To make the map of the distribution of the various foreign languages in our country.
    2. Find out what methods of learning a foreign language seem to be interesting and useful for different people.

    Research question

    Most people learn English.


    The camera (not obligatory).

    Reference material from the Internet.

    Personal experience in learning foreign languages.

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    Information from different places of our country will help to create a holistic picture that will show what foreign languages are studied and which languages predominate .

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Read carefully and answer the questions.
    2. Think through and write down your suggestions on optimization of learning foreign languages.

    Safety tips

    • If you long to work with your computer, you should take breaks  of 10 minutes for every 50 minutes of work;
    • the duration of work without a break should not exceed 2 hours;
    • during breaks, it's important to perform special exercises to reduce the voltage of view and to prevent the physical fatigue.

    • Project was published on:June 30, 2014
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