1. Lessons in the museum



    . Learning must be exciting! It's very important to know, which lessons children would like to take part in. It would give a chance to make the whole studying process more interesting and productive.

    Research question

    Everything the teacher will tell you at the lesson in the museum, will be remembered easily, because exhibits are such real, so everything become clearer and you don't want to be distracted. Children would like lessons in the museum.


    Museum exposition, archives and museum storerooms, media equipment

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    To come up with something good, you should know the opinions of different people.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Try to remember all your visiting the museums.

    2. Try to imagine what will be the lesson on your favorite subject like, which you'll like most of all
    3. If it's difficult for you to remember everything, you can use the Internet, and visit the website of that museum.
    4. Read the questionnaire attentively.
    5. If something is still (still - в значении "все еще") unclear, you can consult with your parents or ask your teacher some questions.
    6. If you have already had a lesson in the museum, which you liked, you can describe it.
    7. Fill in the questionnaire. One questionnaire for one lesson.
    8. You can tell about your ideas of interesting lessons in the museum to your teacher. Maybe it'll be possible to hold such a lesson.
    9. If that lesson would be held, please write about it in our project.
    10. Take part in the discussion about our project.

    Safety tips

    Just don't forget, that in museum you need to be attentive, accurate and take care of the exhibits, because most of them are unique.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol