1. How well do you know Moscow?



    The main goal of the project is to introduce some special place in Moscow, which the participants love, to find more information about its history and modern look (streets, buildings, or even some magic places) and write an essay in English.

    Research question

    Regardless of the fact, that there has been written a lot about Moscow, we still do not know everything about its attractive and unusual places.


    PC, printer, mobile phone, or camera(if available).

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    There is a great amount of information about Moscow. Individual work might be complex and analyzing the data in search of new facts will be definitely time-consuming.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Choose a street, square, building, or just an unusual place in Moscow you like most and would like to explore.
    2. Collect as much information about the object under investigation. The Internet is the easiest way to find some facts. There are also hundreds of books written about Moscow. Another source of information may be your classmates, parents, or acquaintances. Ask more!
    3. Working on the project you have to answer the following questions:
      - What is the modern name of the place that you are exploring?
      - Why is it unique?
      - What is the origin of the place?
      - Was it called differently?
    4. You may find old photographs. Save them and compare them with modern ones. Use them for your tourist brochure. Complete the questionary of the project and write a small essay about your favourite place.
    5. Take part in the following discussion.

    Safety tips

    Do not forget about safety rules working on the computer. Take breaks. Permissible worktime length for schoolchildren is 25-30 minutes.

    • Project was published on:June 29, 2021
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol