1. My Sports



    To map sports and types of physical activities of the GlobalLab community.

    To share your favorite sports with GlobalLab participants and to discover theirs.

    To create a photo gallery of various physical activities.

    To allow searches of the GlobalLab community by sport interests.


    A camera on a mobile device

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    Like every community, GlobalLab is built through the collaborative efforts of its members. They share information with each other to build relationships and create a community of common interests and goals. Participants' replies make up their public profiles that present their interests and hobbies.

    Investigation Protocol

    Fill in the Report Form.

    Important: you will need a photo of your favorite sports. For example, you canphotograph your gym, sports equipment, your team or a game. You can post a photo with your trophies, medals and awards.

    Do not forget to transfer the photo to the device you will use to fill in the Report Form (a PC, a laptop, etc.).

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol