1. Names That Fly

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    Our goal is to create a world map of winged names. This will help us to find out how winged names first originated in various cultural centers and then spread all over the globe.

    Research question

    Idioms with proper nouns (winged names) demonstrate the geographical distribution of national cultures on the globe.


    A web browser to search the Internet with Google or other search engines, or a dictionary of phrasemes, an etymological dictionary of proper nouns, a dictionary of foreign words, a dictionary of Latin quotations, etc.

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    With enough data, we will draw a conclusion about whether or not there exists a set of prominent winged names that are truly universal.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Select an idiomatic expression that contains a proper noun. It must be one that either you or someone you know uses in his/her everyday speech. An idiom is a phrase that is not used literally. One simply has to know what it means. For instance, Achilles’ heel means a weakness that could cause something to fail. A Jack of all trades is a person who is able to do many jobs or tasks.
    2. Analyze your idiom and answer the Report Form questions.
    3. Examine and graph the community’s findings and see if you can find answers to the following questions:
      - Are winged names common everywhere?
      - Are some winged names more common than others?
      - How often are the names of mythological Greek heroes used in idioms?
      - What kinds of winged names are most common? For example, is the name a real or fictional person, etc.
      - What are the most common origins of winged names?
      - Can you detect any trends for the origins of idioms?
      - How far have some winged names travelled?
      - Why do you think some winged names have become so widespread around the world?
    • Project was published on:October 2, 2013
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol