1. A trip to the most unusual museums



    • Get introduced to the most unusual museums.
    • Understand their purpose.

    Research question

    Most unusual museums appeared only in the XX century.

    Their exhibits are very extravagant.


    • Internet resources.
    • Camera (the camera of the mobile device).

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    We can after analyzing the participants' research:

    - figure out the meaning of museums for us;
    - determine do we really need for unusual museums.

    Investigation Protocol

    Attention! It's very important! 

     We don't want to shock or offend anyone's feelings in this project. Of course, we know that all over the world began to appear very specific museums, exhibitions, etc. But there is no place for them in this project. We want  to pleased visitors and participants of the project. And we want to see the most positive, good reviews about unusual museums. If you know or have visited quite "usuall" museum, but it hit you with something, you can fill out the form for this project.

    • Choose a museum that you think can be called unusual.
    • If it's possible, visit it (take a virtual tour) or find information on the Internet.
    • Prepare snapshots of the museum.
    • Think about what museum would you like to create or to visit.
    • Fill out the form.

    Safety tips

    • Posting snapshots from the Internet, consider the copyrights. 
    • Pay attention to the fact is there permission to take photographs of the museum exhibits.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol