1. School In My Life



    1. To collect information for giving a talk or writing about school.

    2. To make a diagram or a scheme about education system in Russia and compare it with England's.

    3.To find sayings and idioms about school and illustrate them.

    4. To describe the best teacher.


    A Student's book

    A notebook

    A pen, pensils

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    Together we collect more information, which will help write and give a talk on the topic.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Learn the names of school subjects.
    2. Learn about after school activities.
    3. Find words which can help you describe people and their character.
    4. Learn how to make a diagram or a scheme.
    5. Find information about education system in England (type of school and age): e.g: Primary School – 5–11 years old.
    6. Find information about education system in Russia.
    7. Find an idom related to school and illustrate it.
    8. Analyze your work on the project.
    9. Fill in the report form.

    Safety tips

    The project is safe.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol