1. Andersen’s fairy tales as text messages

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    • A creative literature experiment with fairy tale genre and modern colloquial language.
    • Promotion of Andersen’s fairy tales and sharing impressions of your famous fairy tales.

    Research question

    Even the longest fairy tales can be rewritten as text messages.


    • A fairy tale book by Andersen
    • Cell-phone, if you want to check your version of fairy tale-SMS

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    The more fairy tale text messages we have, the broader our understanding of fairy tales will be. We will be able to compare various versions of the same fairy tale, and we’ll see which fairy tales are linked to which cultures, and what languages may be easier to use for text message fairy tales.

    Investigation Protocol

    1) Read several of Andersen’s fairy tales and choose one.

    2) Think about the story’s message, and how you might summarize it to a sibling or friend. How would you answer questions such as “What are you reading?”, “What is it about?”

    3) Fill in the Report Form. You can glance at our examples of fairy tales in Report Forms that have been submitted by project authors. You can submit multiple Report Forms if you wish to. Please note that your text messages should not be more than 140 characters including spaces.

    4) To be sure you are using less than 140 characters, use Microsoft Word or another word counting tool.

    Safety tips

    Please do not use crude/rude language and expressions

    • Project was published on:June 16, 2014
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol