1. Speak to GlobalLab



    • Learn to speak concisely and clearly by communicating ideas in a 30-second audio recording
    • Reflect on where in time we’d visit if we could go anywhere in the past, present or future

    Research question

    Where do you think most participants in our community would like to go? 


    A computer, tablet, or smartphone with Internet access

    A computer, smartphone, tablet or other device capable of recording voices in a digital format

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    To predict and learn where in time our community would like to go and to hear each other in our own voices, multiple GlobalLab users must participate. 

    Investigation Protocol

    • 1.Where would you go if you could visit any event or place in time—the past, present or future?
    • 2.If you choose an event or place in the past or the future to visit, how many years into the past or the future is it?
    • 3.Where do you think most GlobalLab participants would like to visit—the past, present or future?
    • 4.If someone today offered you an all-expenses trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
    • 5.Write a short script that you can speak in no more than 30 seconds that explains where in time you’d visit and why. Start your script by stating your first name. Practice speaking it in a normal pace, tone, and volume. Time yourself to ensure you don’t go over 30 seconds.
    • 6.Record your script. You can record your answer directly in the report form. You don’t need any other applications. Follow these simple steps.

    At Question 6 in the report form, you may see a little window for Adobe Flash Player Settings. It will ask if you want to allow Microphone Access for Adobe Flash. Click on “Allow.”

    There are two buttons—a cloud icon on the left and an arrow icon on the right. Click on the cloud icon on the left.

    Two more icons will drop down—a microphone icon on the left and a folder icon on the right.

    To start recording your script, click on the microphone icon on the left. These two icons will disappear and you’ll see the elapsed time on the cloud icon. Start speaking.

    To stop recording, click on the cloud icon on the left.

    To hear your recording, click on the arrow icon on the right. After a few seconds, you’ll hear your recording.

    Don’t like your recording? Made a mistake? No problem. Just repeat the process. Your new recording replaces your old one.

    Remember, speak for no more than thirty seconds.

    • 7.When you have a recording you like, upload it to the GlobalLab database. Click again on the cloud icon on the left. When the two icons drop down, click on the folder icon on the right. Your audio recording will be uploaded.
    • 8.Paste the text of your script in the text field.
    • 9.After you have submitted your report form, you can access all the data, text, and recordings that other participants submitted. Graph the data on whether participants chose to visit the past, the future, or stay in the present. Was your prediction accurate? What percentage of GlobalLab participants predicted correctly? What was the average number of years that participants would travel into the past? In the future? Where did participants want to go in time and in the present? Did any participants choose the same places and times? What kinds of events and places were popular? Historical? Cultural? Environmental? Finally, listen to the recordings and read the scripts that were submitted. Were interesting reasons provided for our destinations in time?
    • Project was published on:November 14, 2014
    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol