1. Toxic waste: batteries



    1. To study the attitude of people to the problem of utilization of toxic waste - batteries.

    2. To identify examples of effective experience in solving the problem and draw people's attention to the need for special utilization of toxic waste.

    Research question

    Most people throw toxic waste such as used batteries in the trash. This is because people do not understand the need of their special utilization and do not know what to do with used batteries in their place of residence.


    Equipment and materials are not required.

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    Using the GlobalLab opportunities you can define the attitude of population of different regions to the utilization of toxic waste and you can identify examples of good practices in solving the problem.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. List all the devices in your house (apartment) that require a power supply - battery. Count the total number of batteries (of different sizes). What do you do with these batteries after using? Do you throw them into the dustbin, or hand them at the special place where exhausted batteries are collected?
    2. Talk to parents and try to figure out how often you have to change each battery. Estimate the total number of batteries that your family uses per a year.
    3. Where do people leave used batteries in your location? If you do not know, try to figure out the answer by talking to parents, teachers, neighbours and friends. You can ask this question to employees of a local sanitation centre.
    4. Make an information poster about recycling of waste batteries in your required location. Tell everyone about special utilization of the exhausted batteries. The poster can be as a leaflet or a page on the school's website. Take a picture of your poster.
    5. Fill in a report form of the project.
    6. Analyse the results of other project participants. Pay attention to solving the problem in different locations.

    Safety tips

    The project should be carried out with the permission and involvement of parents. You should not attempt to open used batteries, because they contain toxic heavy metal compounds.

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol