1. Who discovered America



    The goal of the project is to find out if there were other travellers except for Columbus who could be the discoverers of America.

    Research question

    Since sea voyages in the Atlantic Ocean were undertaken by European countries long before Columbus' journey, it can be assumed that there were other explorers who, for one reason or another, could have ended up off the coast of America and left their mark there.


    PC, books about travelers, encyclopedias, periodicals.

    Why use data from multiple participants?

    The analysis of a larger number of opinions on this problem will allow us to draw more accurate conclusions.

    Investigation Protocol

    1. Find on the Internet as much information as possible about the expeditions to the shores of America during the Age of Discovery and earlier.
    2. You can also use books from your home or public library, magazines (both modern and past years) as sources of the information, you are looking for. Invite your parents or friends to the project.
    3. Carefully study the history of different voyages to the area of the Atlantic Ocean undertaken by various travellers.
    4. Put the routes of their voyages on a contour map. Mark the dates and names of the geographical objects on the map.
    5. Consider the chronological framework of voyages to new lands. Compare the received data and conclude. Who do you think was the first to visit the coast of North America?
    6. Create a collage about the expedition you are describing. Photo it and download it in the project or place illustrations of the event you are describing.
    7. Imagine that you invented the time machine and were transported to the era of Great Geographical discoveries. You are now an English navigator who dreams of the seas and oceans. You are ready to make a voyage to uncharted lands. But... you need the permission of the Queen herself. What if you write a petition letter to Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain with a request to grant you a patent for the right of discovery?
    8. You also need a ship, a caravel, or better a military frigate. The best ships are being built at that time in the shipyards of Holland. How much will it cost? Study the prices of that time period and calculate the cost of your new ship.
    9. Fill in the report form.
    10. Take part in the discussion of the project.

    Safety tips

    Be aware that continuous work on the computer for school children can be no more than 25-30 min

    Report Form Before filling in the Report Form, please read the Investigation Protocol