1. Invent A Holiday

    This collaborative project asks participants to examine a person, place, thing, or event they respect and invent a holiday to commemorate it. After completing their report, participants will compare their responses with other classes from around the world.

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    Invent A Holiday

    There are countless holidays commemorated annually, but why limit ourselves to those printed in a calendar when there’s so much celebrate ? In fact, Thomas Roy, an American actor, has invented and copyrighted 80 holidays. This collaborative project will examine who and what students around the world want to commemorate by inventing a holiday.

    This project's Invent a Holiday Form allows students to share invented holidays in honor of people, places, things, and events they would like to celebrate. Prepare for and maximize this experience by using the Invent a Holiday lesson starters.

    After completing the form, review the findings and have your students compare their invented holidays to holidays invented by students around the globe.

    **Prior to beginning the Invent a Holiday project, consider completing the Favorite Holiday lesson starters to build background knowledge about types of holidays and the elements that make them unique.

    Ключевые слова:holiday, celebration, traditions, customs
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