1. New Wonders of the World

    People like travelling, they do it a lot, as we live in a wonderful world full of different countries, beautiful cities, picturesque places, great monuments. Some travellers have visited most parts of the Globe and they can’t stop, they continue searching for something special. You are a manager of a travel agency and if you work hard, next year you will become the head of the agency. You want to have more people who will buy your tours. For that reason, you need to attract tourists including those who have been practically everywhere. What will you do to help you sell well? How will you attract travellers? Here, in this project you are going to create a virtual excursion to the most exciting parts of our Globe and be the first one among your rival agencies. Let’s see who will win and become the Head of the company!

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    The project is a mini web-quest where the participants need to develop a tour to an interesting place, monument, etc and they are to attract tourists there. The project will have two stages: 1. Participants' individual work (their completing the questionnaire). 2. Group work - discussion.

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