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      Animals in Literature: Is The Big Bad Wolf Bad Everywhere?

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    2. Your story’s place (or culture) of origin. 
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    3. Is this folklore or a story attributed to an author?  
    4. Title and Text   Enter the story title and the text (most likely due to length, you will want to provide a summary of the story contents). Do not forget to report the source of your story at the end of the text.
    5. When was the story created? 
    6. Story's region of origin  Select from the list below
    7. Animal character  Select an animal that you investigate:
    8. What is the name or nickname of the animal in the story?   How is it addressed or referred to?
    9. Which of the following character trait(s) would you say best describes the animal on which you are reporting?   Choose the one that best sums up your animal’s characteristics.