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      You are what you eat

      Чтобы заполнить эту форму, пожалуйста, войдите на сайт под своей учетной записью
    2. Этап 1 . The food we eat can tell others about our lifestyle, health and family traditions of eating
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    3. Mark your place of living. 
      Перетащите маркер на карте, чтобы указать местоположение более точно.
      Местоположение: ,
    4. Write your breakfast menu. 
    5. List all food and drinks you have had in the last two days. 
    6. According to your answers to questions 2 and 3, decide whether your food was healthy. 
    7. Do you like junk food? 
    8. How many meals a day do you have? 
    9. What drink would you choose if you had some choice? 
    10. Do you like home-made food? 
    11. Do you eat at fast food restaurants? 
    12. Find an idiom or a saying about food. Give its Russian equivalent. 
    13. Illustrate the idiom/saying. 
    14. Describe some traditional Russian or family dish.  Write the recipe of the dish: - what it is called; - its ingredients; - how people cook it.
    15. Give the picture of the dish from question 12. 
      Этот вопрос не является обязательным.
    16. Этап 2 . Conclusion
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    17. What project activity was the most interesting for you? 
    18. Have you known anything new?